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My experience with AmeriSave was horrible from beginning until the end. I will preface this by saying that this Refi should have been a slam dunk. We have excellent FICO scores, hardly any debt, never been late on any payments, plenty of equity in the house and the appraisal came in above our guesstimate. Easy, right? Not with AmeriSave. I will give them that they were originally very quick to... Read more

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Started the refinance process with Americsave in March of 2015. Right out of the gate, they were very helpful and seemed to be fast-tracking everything. The appraisal of my house was scheduled within a matter of days from starting the process. And I might mention they were extremely quick to bill for this appraisal -($400, which I thought I would get back) in a matter of a day. Then everything... Read more

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I just got denied for a home loan we were told we are approved from Mr. Bradley Minor of Amerisave when it was close to going to underwriter Travis Hiott took over he started by saying he would call then sent email saying he would call , never did. Then he wouldn't answer emails I logged everything showing there pattern what they do which is wait till closing and deny your loan and keep your... Read more

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All I can say is run. My home appraised lower than ever. So they offered another loan at a much higher rate. Come to find out after countless hours of personal investigating, they owned the appraisal company that appraised it about $40,000 less than the original purchase price, (Hmmmm) and we had already done several remodeling projects. Long story short they strung me along for about 6 months... Read more

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Here is why their issues will always be in place. The owner is too cheap to hire help and pay them a real wage as other complies do. He pays half the going rate so what type of people will work on your inexperience unprofessional person. Some of the Processors are so new, they have never worked in the business and most of the Sales staff as well. Well, they might not be new but... Read more

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IF you have time to waist and like your phone calls unanswered or emails unreplied too this is the company for you. WHAT A WAIST OF TIME, MONEY, FALSE HOPE. WHAT A JOKE. People dont work with Amerisave, they will lead you to beleive all is going well, keep asking for paperwork, even give you supposed closing dates and nothing! Marcel Forbrum is the biggest joke. Add comment

I am writing this review to share my horrifying experience with this company, to help and warn people like me who are shopping for loan mortgage. We almost lost our dream home because of these incompetent and unprofessional people. Suzanne Dew, her supervisor Tod Pityer, the loan processor Travis Hiott. They are not working as a team. Numerous emails, and phone calls get ignored; they never... Read more

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The most shady company in America. RUN! We have excellent credit and our house is paid for. This refi has been going on for months! They have stopped responding to my questions and we have submitted the documents over and over because by the time they review them they are older. We have had several mortgages over the years. We have never experienced such crooked business practices in our... Read more

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I recently went through the loan process with this company and whoa, it was definitely an experience. I would not use them again or recommend them to anyone I knew unless I hated them and wanted them to lose their dream home like we nearly did. The process started smoothly and easily as they only required a few documents that were easy to obtain and upload, but soon thereafter, they asked for... Read more

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Horrible customer service. Sean Park was dishonest and didn't follow through with return phone calls or on his promisses. DON'T TRUST SEAN PARK or AMERISAVE!!! Read more

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