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I hate to admit it, made a huge mistake not reading all the negative reviews on AmeriSave. They don't save you money, instead it will cost you upfront appraisal fees and you don't know if you will get the loan. After filling out the loan application for verifying pre-qualification was approved. So, you think it is safe to go ahead to send in all private information......Wrong! Do not pay for appraisal unless you have it in... Read more

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Josh Anderson certainly talks down to customers. He is unprofessional and shows that as a customer you are just a dime a dozen and another number. As long as your appraisal fee has been secured for their sister company they don't care. Add comment

Amerisave is one of the most unscrupulous mortgage companies I have ever dealt with. They seem to exist just to get your appraisal fee. The skill level of the folks you talk with at Amerisave is very low. They collected from me "tons" of documents and their duplicates. Provided all the documents, all was great 'till they submitted it to an underwriter. Actually, they never specifically informed me why the loan was denied. They don't know what... Read more

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Horrible customer care. Very pushy. Agent kept calling wife anal for wanting to read paperwork. DO NOT USE THEM Add comment

Agree with all the post below. Amerisave are crooks! They string you along as other writers have posted with nothing to show. They do not understand the process AT ALL. I was approved for a jumbo loan in 6 days with another company. Amerisave could not approve me and would not refund my appraisal money as promised. When I wrote a review for their survey, I received an email from Jessica Truitt in Customer Service stating they are going to... Read more

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If you desire to relearn that seem(s) went in front of “professional” then go with AmeriSave after being qualified. Sixty thousand dollars in equity and 60 days nearing we suffered “string you along” as others claim before being blown off. Management could not understand why the underwriter denied the loan for appraisal reasons; as verified with the appraiser, they were never contacted as claimed by AmeriSave for appraisal clarifications nor... Read more

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I had made an offer on a HUD owned house which stipulated that we had to close in 45 days or pay $25 per day. When I first contacted AmeriSave they promised that would not be a problem. Well after they haired an appraiser, fired the appraiser and hired the appraiser we ended up to be over 3 weeks late closing. All the while they kept blaming the appraisal broker they hired to set up the appraisal. Furthermore the appraiser was terrible. He... Read more

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My experience with AmeriSave was horrible from beginning until the end. I will preface this by saying that this Refi should have been a slam dunk. We have excellent FICO scores, hardly any debt, never been late on any payments, plenty of equity in the house and the appraisal came in above our guesstimate. Easy, right? Not with AmeriSave. I will give them that they were originally very quick to respond and to start the process. We were given a... Read more

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Started the refinance process with Americsave in March of 2015. Right out of the gate, they were very helpful and seemed to be fast-tracking everything. The appraisal of my house was scheduled within a matter of days from starting the process. And I might mention they were extremely quick to bill for this appraisal -($400, which I thought I would get back) in a matter of a day. Then everything came to a screeching halt. I had to email them a... Read more

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I just got denied for a home loan we were told we are approved from Mr. Bradley Minor of Amerisave when it was close to going to underwriter Travis Hiott took over he started by saying he would call then sent email saying he would call , never did. Then he wouldn't answer emails I logged everything showing there pattern what they do which is wait till closing and deny your loan and keep your appraisal bad part about this we live in Ca and... Read more

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