I started a refinance process and toward the end was given an alternative that if i wanted to continue i would need to pay a higher rate. I cancelled the process and was informed by e-mail that i was disapproved a week later.

I was told this was for internal reporting only. I explained to them that for any reporting it should show that I cancelled due to their unacceptable terms provided by underwritting, vice being disapproved.

This is poor Customer Service and and i'll not do business with them again. Watch out for yourself and be ready to be disappointed if you use this organization.I was more than qualified and they try to turn it around on the consumer to their benefit.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Yea- same deal with me -the old bait and switch-aroo


I have had a similiar experience with this company amerisave, I just immediately turned to my local credit union and got a better rate, better loan, better customer service, at least i know its secure there and wont be sold off to another service provider. The comment above about closing 4000+ loans in feb 2011, This is just absurd statement to be making, not even the top mortgage companies in the nation have these stats alone, maybe this number represents foreclosures. If this statement is so true provide a public document that declares this officially.

Ripon, Wisconsin, United States #261199

I am a Vice President at Amerisave and there is no way for me to tell who you are by this post and since we closed 4000+ loans last month, there is no way of me knowing exactly who you are. But if you want to email me at rwilkes@amerisave.com I will be more than happy to discuss this with you.

I want to point out that we do not send out declinations unless the file is declined. Many times if a customer estimates their house to be valued such that we can do a 80% LTV there is a certain price associated with doing that loan. If the appraisal then comes in lower we have different pricing associated with the different LTV. So we send the declination letter out because we could not provide the loan at the original terms that were sought.

This is not for internal reporting purposes but rather because this is what happened. Please get in touch with me if you see this so that we can discuss this!

With the number of loans we did last year, we had less than 1 half of 1 % of our customers that had a complaint. We are working diligently to bring even that number down this year!

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