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A absolute loser company. If they contact you not for the exit...for you are about to be taken. Here is my experience with them. After sending a boat load of documents with all sorts of sensitive financial (unzipping my fly in public so to speak) information and after receiving pre-approval, here is what happened: I scheduled and paid over five hundred dollars for an appraisal which was done the next day by one of their contract appraisers from a nearby town...the appraisal was A-OK (at first) FICO score was excellent coming in at close to 800, the title work which I paid for was done...again A-OK. Everthing went to perfection UNTIL at the last minute they do not approve the loan. Why, you ask...well it seems that the out of town appraiser they insisted on using said that they could not find another comparable. Seems I have an in-law suit upstairs and in a university town which is literally overflowing with upstairs apartments and in-law suites (the university actually promotes this kind of construction with builders as a backup for student housing shortages) they couln't find two...just they did not approve the loan and I am out some $850.00. An appraiser who couldn't or wouldn't find a comp in a town lousy with them. When I told some realtor friends they were incredulous.

This outfit is dishonest to say the least. I wonder how many of these appraisal scams they run as they get a good percentage of the appraisal fee. I guess if they run a hundred or two of these a day not only do they collect sensitive financial data they also clean up on the fees.

Don't go near these folks!

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Very similar to my experience. Sent in all information requested and paid $500 appraisal not to mentioned hours of time putting all documents together only to be denied after being pre-Qualified by Amerisave.

Wonder if that can be a class action lawsuit for misleading clients out of their hard earned money.

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