I would urge people to not use Amerisave out of Georgia to obtain any type of loan especiailly refinancing.My fiance and myself went through a horrible experience in dealing with this company.Repeated faxing,misinformation galore,insulting telephone communications were only part of the dealings with Amerisave in June of this year.

After being told that our refinancing would fly,we were rejected and told that if we paid off A$55,000 in credit balances that we would have got the loan.Why in the *** do you think we were trying to refinance in the first place?

My credit score is 797 which is near excellent.P.S Amerisave,I found a local lending organization willing to refinance and within two weeks my fiance and I were more than happy with a lower interest rate,shorter term,and higher cash out amount than Amerisave offered.

And the $55,000 for outstanding credit debts was taken care of with three simple checks.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amerisave Refinance.

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